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Companies like yours use TaxCoach™ to increase off season revenue by using our unique brand of proactive tax planning.

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You get a comprehensive planning tool and a proven suite of marketing tools to help promote the new service. And you get a national community of noncompetitive peers sharing their successes and best practices. In addition to these community forums, you’ll have access to topical webinars on business building strategies as well as the most innovative technical tax strategies.

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Click here to start your 15-day free trial!

Satisfaction guaranteed. No contacts.


I absolutely recommend Tax Coach Software to my colleagues! Ed Lyon is a great mentor. I appreciate his humor, it keeps me laughing when the world of accounting can be taxing (pun intended) at times. Ed inspired me to write a book and share my knowledge with people out of my network, plus my clients use it for a reference instead of always having to answer their FAQs. We also made a YouTube video inspired by an article Ed had written. To us, he is an invaluable resource, mentor and coach.


Tax Coach Software has given me the tools to make my company stand apart in the sea of tax professionals. I had been competing on price for several years - what a mistake! Working with Ed Lyon has allowed me to eliminate my competition due to my focus on proactive tax planning services. With Ed's encouragement I've written several books and have weekly videos and a blog. I'm also interviewed on a regular basis for podcast and radio shows. I'm really enjoying being a celebrity and am excited to see where all of this will lead.