We approach each exchange with a commitment to simplify the process for our clients.

From beginning to end, we communicate with you about the status of your exchange, your action items and our next steps. We’re completely accessible to you throughout the process. When you call, we respond. We want you to feel confident and comfortable that your exchange will proceed on time, meet all exchange requirements, and be documented appropriately.

There are many type of exchanges and our Exchange experts have handled a broad range of exchange transaction including:

•1031 Tax Deferred Exchange & Delayed Exchanges
•Reverse 1031 Exchange
•Personal Property Exchange
•Construction Exchange
•Vacation Home Exchange

The Exchange Authority follows a defined, documented process that ensures your transaction is executed successfully. This involves:

•Creation of all required Exchange documents for your review and consideration.
•Orchestration and coordination of the entire Exchange, including interfacing with all principals, agents and attorneys.
•At the end of your Exchange, you’ll receive a full report for your records. This report is one of the most valuable resources we provide our clients. We recommend that every client review this report with their tax professional to really understand the Exchange Authority difference.

Request a Sample Report that contains: Accounting and analysis of entire Exchange transaction, including: ?the Exchange recapitulation, analysis of net non-like kind property received, recognized gain and exchange basis and a substitute FORM 8824.

Exchange Authority provides the most comprehensive documentation in the industry. Contact us today to handle your exchange.